Saturday, May 17, 2008

Open house

This evening we went to my friend's place. She's moving into new home. It's kind of far away, its at Seremban 2. We reached there around 8pm, the house is single storey terrace house. Nice designed and I think they have ask the designer to decorate the house.

Her master bedroom is small, the toilet is behind the mirror. Yeah you read it correctly, its behind the mirror! The mirror is like a door, you can push it away and there's the toilet inside. Cute? One thing I didn't like is the mirror facing the bed.

Lucky for her the mirror is on top her bed. I mean once you wake up seeing yourself surely give yourself a big scared. We just reach home at 11.30pm as after visit my friend's open house. We just go to the Seremban city to see. We also went over to the a Hotel to use their toilet.

My friend has a few puppies so adorable, 5 black colour pups. Breed is lab. We have been told that the pups have fleas. I like puppy but can't afford to have one. Everything is increasing so I don't think I can give the puppy a happy home.

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