Friday, May 16, 2008

My King is here

I am so happy that I can jump up and down. This morning I received a call that my bed is ready and they are sending over in the afternoon around 3 t0 4pm. I am so ready to get rid of my old bed. Well its not my bed it belong to my parents but since they move I am the one sleeping in. I didn't want to throw it all away. So I kept the mattress only, the rest of it "BYE BYE".

My parents bed was the oldest in the house. I knew that every room in my house has been change to new bed except my parents one. My mom did bought a new mattress and a headboard. She didn't change the bottom of the bed. That's why I am getting backache now.

The old bed I think its more than 30 -40 years old. Yeah I heard the two men complaining how heavy it was. I bet its heavy and people always been saying the older the better. Well, not to me I mean the bed as it has lost all the important function.

I did ask my parents for buying new bed. They didn't mind at all, after all its my money that I am using to buy the bed. I used the credit card and this month I have to start paying for a year. I had a sweet nap this afternoon and I have forgotten all about what its about. Can you believe that?

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