Thursday, May 15, 2008

Is my contest boring?

Its funny I find that everyone contests is doing so well. Mine is like not many blogger that are interested. Is it too boring? It's a giveaway of 50EC with a simple review on my blog. I didn't ask for how many words. I am not asking for 50 words.

Tell me what I don't know.


gLf said...

Dear Friend, My opinion about your blog contest: I think 50 EC are a prize too small...The idea is good, but try to offer something more to attract your readers (and the new ones too). I would suggest free advertising space or a little money (it's always welcome). And give more options (like subscribing to your feed). Hope it helps.
See you!

Lee Doyle said...

50 credits is not going to pull anyone in. You have to give away 2000+ to get anyone interested.

Sorry :P