Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why no MPH bookstore in Sunway Pyramid?

I like going to Sunway Pyramid from time to time but sadly why they don't have MPH book store there? I like going to book store to check on magazines and interest in reading books like interest me. On Saturday we head to Midvalley and I manage to go MPH book store but didn't manage to find what I want.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Sunway Pyramid, I want to go 1 Utama but dear insists of Sunway Pyramid. Another day off for him, so I know Chinese New Year is very near. We are waiting his next month salary to purchase some items for prayer, etc.

I wish I am working so I can make money of my own. I can't because I need to teach and guide my son in doing homeworks. I find out that tuition teacher cost RM40 an hour! If I get a job I will need to hire someone to fetch my son to school, yeah it's not going to be cheap I was told RM200 a month.

Looks like my ideal job now is taking of my son, he's my priority! Yeah not to forget my baby too.

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мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

I love going to bookstores too,but i mostly got there to check out what's the latest freebie lol :P