Monday, January 14, 2013

No personal time for me!

I am feeling stress because I feel like I am going back to school, no kidding checking on all the homework and guiding him to do them. It is madness that some I don't even understand, bravo to the teachers I don't know how they can teach so many children in one class. I find it difficult just to teach one child!

Tonight is the night I get to have my time, yeah I am dragging my dear along with me because I want watch a movie with him. The movie is not near my house so I don't know how to go, I must have my dear to go with him because he knows the route! Too bad most of my friends are busy, one of them changed job and working in Bangsar which is far for her to come for movie with me. She loves to watch horror movie just like me!

My dear is not a fan of horror movie, oh well I am going to keep it a secret until we are there. The last horror movie we saw frightened us! Yeah never forget that movie we seen it in Midvalley! Psst.. tonight movie is Mama!

My friend told me the tuition fee and canteen fee in school way cheaper than here. I am surprise to hear that, even her hubby can afford buying a terrace house!

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мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

It's great that you could take a break for sometimes as you seem really tired,i can't imagine how you can teach your son until so tired and then update your blogs regularly,bravo to you too :D