Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year Giveaway 2013

I am so happy it is going to be year 2013 soon, yeah looks everyone is looking forward for the snake year. It is Snake year in Chinese Calendar. Let's get start with the New Year Giveaway 2013.

Prizes for one winner, for below goodies!

  1. Coolchy Lemon sleeping mask from What every gal want
  2. Cute wristband from Travel blog
  3. Cute dress from Who luv cosmetics
  4. White Coca Cola pin from That blog 4 me
  5. Red Coca Cola pin Where 2 shop

I purchased the items above with my own money, now here comes the rules on taking part giveaway. All items are new except for Coolchy Lemon sleeping masks and cute wristband I used few times.

  1. Follow the below blogs on GFC. *must* (wajib)
Travel Blog
Who luvs cosmetics
Where 2 shop
2. Giveaway open to blogger with blogs at least one year old!

3. Copy the banner above and link to this post. In the post mention what is your wish in year 2013.

4. Top referral will win Mystery Prize!

5. Giveaway ends on 31 January 2013 at 12midnight Malaysia time. Giveaway opens to bloggers around the world.
You may copy the post above to your blog.

I decided to make it fun, having this giveaway open to International.

Good luck!


mi$$ch0c0laTe said...

mi$$ch0c0laTe said...

fara lulu ^^ said...

Join :DD
This blog ->
don't have gfc

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Sherry said...

Please add the prizes list with link to your blog.

nenot said...

nenot join :)

done follow all blog

M-lina said...

alredy added

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hadiah base on random ea?

✸Maizatul Nurirwane Idr✸ said...

Miss, I join! Thanks invite!

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мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

That Coolchy Lemon sleeping mask looks really interesting,i really wanna try that one out,may i know where can i buy it??Thanks :D