Monday, October 6, 2008

I was so happy but not any more

This evening I was just checking my blog and I have an heartache when I saw my PR goes to zero. Yeah last week Mr.Google happily given me a PR3 . Now you know its not any more I am back with a big fat zero.

Nevermind I am still happy with my blog and myself. Just be happy the way I am and live on with my blogging life.

Yeah holiday is over and everybody is back to work. The traffic jam started too.


Emila Yusof said...

Hi Mia! thanks for dropping by my blog. Sorry to hear about your pr. I hope it'll come back soon.

emotera said...

it's ok. just continue to post relevant topics and informational ones and soon you'll get it back. sometimes the master G is unpredictable. hope u get it back soon.

thanks for visiting my blogs!

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Mia Blog4me said...

thanks emila and emotera for coming by. :)

I will not lose hope :P