Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No proper training of staff in MBO Subang Parade

It is sad to say that I find that the staff in MBO Subang Parade is not well trained. I gave them the complimentary pass I won from Facebook contest. Guess what?! They didn't read all terms and conditions and straight telling me to eCurve to watch the movie.

I told the staff to read the terms and conditions again, well she just passed my complimentary pass to another staff. The other staff never bother asked her what's the problem, he goes inside office and then come out telling me that the passes only for Olympus Has Fallen.

Sad to say that the staff who tell me the passes only for Olympus Has Fallen, get to hear my high voice! I told him, that's the movie I wanted to watch and the other staff told me to go eCurve. The staff then asks his staff in counter to print the tickets for me.

This is what happened when you don't communicate with your staff!

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