Friday, April 12, 2013

First time to Bluinc Media only own

Yeah it is my first time to drive there, I usually go by taxi but it is so costly to take taxi. I decided to drive there today and have my son to accompany me. He slept half way through there, yeah so I was almost lost. I saw the section 13, I followed the signboard. :D

NO GPS for me! I have to called the company to ask the direction, I need to go the section junction to go inside not the first one. Yeah Jaya One is there, I have been to Jaya One last year.

Today so many road bullies I bumped into, they keep honk me didn't understand that I need to brake the car infront of me stopped!

Proud of myself I am brave to drive up there, yeah coming back quite confuse but no worry I look at signboard. :D

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