Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Toddler & Kid Trolley car in GIANT USJ!

Last Sunday we head to GIANT USJ, I have to hand over the contest form of Guradian. The Giant USJ has the toddler and kid trolley car available for parents now. I am happy to see that my baby happy with the toddler car trolley. According to the guard only one toddler or kid trolley for a family, but the couple took three kid trolley, they keeps saying they have three boys to take care of. The couple and the maid each has the trolley.

Have you been to Giant USJ?

Talking of trolley I think of my son's Mickey Mouse trolley bag, he use it everyday to go school. Now look below picture how my youngest son likes to play with it.
I saw this trolley bag is very common, I spotted five same trolley bags in school. NO kidding talking of this a friend's son has mixed up the bag with another kid because they took the bus and the boy return with another's person bag which is exact same bag!

Kids today are lucky to have trolley bags, I don't have trolley bag at all I only using backpack and plastic bags for my books.

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мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

I will visit Giant USJ next time for sure cause it looks like a nice place and i remember my trolley bag on my first day of school,it is really fun to push around but i seldom use it cause i prefer the non trolley one hehe i have no idea why :P