Monday, February 4, 2013

New giveaway for Feb

I love giveaway and I am sure you are excited to know where is the new giveaway held at? You know that I have many blogs so how can I neglect my blogs. So here goes my MINI GIVEAWAY at name sherry, click on the link to take part now.

It is tired day for me today, my son at school didn't find me during the recess time. I was there to check on him and sad to say not able to see him at all. I asked him after school, he told me he forgotten. Anyway I am not mad just tired as I am there for three hours! It takes time to find parking near the school.

I bumped into a lady where I go evening walk at playground, I didn't recognize her at all. She wears t-shirt at playground, she told me she looks after her 8 yr old son. She is a housewife and she was wearing baju kurung at Post Office. I didn't know that she's from Kedah, we never talk at playground.