Sunday, September 16, 2012

Son loves play Lego

My son loves to play Lego, there goes him build a gun using the Lego so creative. His brother just want to take the Lego and throw it. Well his bro just one year old plus, there's so much he needs to learn.

He has been asking me to bring him to Legoland, I wish I can but I can't. I am stay at home mom, with two kids at home.

Living in the city, you know the cost of living. His teacher often ask for the school fees before the actual month. This month we forgot to pay a fee and teached called up to inform. Next week he has got class so will pay the fee then.

I always check on the price before purchase anything for him. He has start primary school next year, meaning time to shop for his school uniform and shoes plus a good school bag!

Not easy being parents, so much to think and provide for them. Don't forget we need to be there for them, spend time with them. Kids grow up fast, you don't want miss every moment.

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