Monday, September 17, 2012

Bully at the beach

The Guadian charity walkathon is meaning for us, it is our first walk. I cannot believe some parents neglected their job being parents, they left the kids to play on their own at beach. Two kids younger than my son, they are steal my son's sands while he was the only one that gather the sands at beach to make sand castle. My dear was sitting far away with his ears in the ear phone, he didn't know son was bully at beach.

I saw the kids come over again wanted to take my son's sands I told them right away to go make their own. The kids a boy and a girl, I believe they are siblings nobody watching them. My eyes are on my son, being parent we are responsible to take care of our kids. Even though my son looks like a big boy but he is easily bully. I don't understand why he just keep quiet of it. He needs to learn protect himself and defense himself, you know I am not always there for him like in school or class.

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