Sunday, September 23, 2012

Love my first bride polymer clay made by me

I have fun at the workshop with my son, he enjoy making the animals while I making the bride. The teacher let me choose any dolly to make and I decided to make this beautiful bride. My bride with red roses and I don't make veil for hair, so I put two roses on hair.

I cannot believe that this picture won me a Prize. An Enchanteur 250ml Enchanteur Beautiful MoistureSilk Perfumed Body Lotion. I love Enchanteur product and happy to say that I am the 10th submission winner for the "What is "beautiful" to you?" One person only allow to submit a picture and my decision is submit this picture of me with the bride! My first bride handmade polymer clay bride. :D

I love contest and try my luck to join, some contests I won never get the prize at all. Sad some people just not honest with their contest held in their blog!

Do you love contest? If yes have a look at the following blogs for contest.

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It is take part in contest, you just need to have a blog to take part! I have friends asking me how to start a blog, well hard to teach them if they don't have Internet and don't have interest to blog. I have seen somewhere that if you learn blogging you need pay hundred ringgit for it!

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