Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wanna go Legoland & Sanrio Hello Kitty?

School holiday weeks away, so have you got plan for this year? Yeah since the RM is smaller value so decision is tough better just travel in Malaysia. Tourism in Malaysia, I missed Kuching, Sarawak. Few years back not go there.

My children love Legoland, somehow we still saving money to go. Well it will take time to do that as son's kindergarten has decided to increase RM100 next year each month. Yeah monthly payment of RM430 instead of RM330. Last time my eldest son study another kindergarten only RM280 but then same it keep increasing.

Hello Kitty is one of my favourite, happy to see there's roadshow happening soon. Do click on the link to find out. I think it's a dream come true if children and adults get their dream comes true.

Johor has a UK farm I read so much about it but haven't got any plan to go there. I want to plan it but seem easy to say, not easy to do.

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