Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's not working on me!

Earlier I posted about the slim with ayurslim, just want to say that it is not working for me. I want to say that it work for me but honestly it is not so let's see what else I can try out. Yesterday I went shopping and I purchase this product from Jusco. It is made in Hong Kong, the sales girl told me that this is a hot sell products and many customer loves it.

It is not for consume as it is body wash and it has contained of ginger. Since I just start to use this today, let's see if after finish the bottle I can be slim or not.

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ShAron said...

Hi, how long did you try the ayurslim? didn't work for you as in, no result at all?

Do keep in touch, would like to know your result on the ginger soap :) if you have facebook you may search me at

Mia Blog4me said...

hi Sharon, I just tried it a few times and I have sweat alot!

ShAron said...

hi, what is the name of the ginfer soap?