Sunday, March 30, 2008


Have you heard of it or know about this blog? GIVEAWAY CITY is just a blog that I am going to follow up with. There's information about the happening blog contests and giveaway. I have the chance of winning the EntreCard credits. I am thinking of how I am going to spend the credits.

When comes to contests, I am sure there's a lot blog you and me can check out. There's nothing wrong with checking out GIVEAWAY CITY as well.


danandmarsh said...

Congratulations, you are the grand prize winner of my GIVEAWAY CITY contest, please contact me with your entrecard email addy so I can credit them to you! Thanks!
danandmarsh [at]gmail

danandmarsh said...

Hi, gosh I think I have made a mistake. I think I commented to you that you won the grand prize inwhich if I did, it I was wrong, so sorry for the mistake, you won first prize. I will send you 20 extras credits for my error. So sorry. You will receive 70 credits. You can email me @ danandmarsh [at]gmail [dot]com

Sherry said...

congrats for being 1st prize. :)