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Atopiclair, a unique, clinically proven, non-steroidal treatment that is ideal for treating all types of eczema held its ‘Nezam Parents & Kids Treasure Hunt’ recently as part of its annual National Eczema Awareness Month (NEZAM) campaign.

The prevalence of eczema is on the rise, especially in urban areas and it is affecting approximately 1 in 5 babies and children in Malaysia. Therefore, it important for NEZAM to empower parents, caregivers and patients on the proper and long-term management and care of eczema. The treasure hunt which was held at the Taman Tun Dr Ismail Park drew approximately 250 participants which comprise of parents and their children aged 12 and below. The aim for the treasure hunt was to educate the public on eczema in a fun way by engaging the participating families to work together. Several other educational games were also available during the treasure hunt.

NEZAM, a nationwide awareness campaign for long-term management of eczema by Atopiclair, which aims to educate the public on the importance of managing eczema among children was first launched in 2015 and has since became an annual event that is supported by Persatuan Dermatologi Malaysia (PDM). This year, Persatuan Alergi & Imunologi Malaysia (MSAI) has joined the campaign in efforts to spread the awareness.

“Each year, Atopiclair will organise unique events to make learning about eczema appealing and fun for the whole family. We are also using various touch points to reach out to patients and the public which include the press as well as public talks at hospitals. We hope to also deliver the message on the implications of the rising cases of eczema to local pharmacists and general practitioners in the hope that they can help generate greater awareness to the public. We hope with these initiatives, more will learn to cope with eczema more effectively as this will improve the quality of their lives,” said Pan Jen Lin, Product Manager of Atopiclair.

The one and a half hour hunt ended with 10 winners. The Grand prize of RM 2,000 cash went to the Hoo family, 2nd prize of RM1,000 cash went to the Heah family, and the 3rd prize of RM800 cash went to the Choy family. While seven other families walked away with consolation prizes worth RM1,700 in total.

With the support of PDM and MSAI, NEZAM has launched their 2nd edition booklet which was jointly contributed by Dr Leong Kin Fon, Consultant Paediatric Dermatologist of Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Dr Kent Woo, Allergy and Immunology Consultant from Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur. Complementing the 1st edition booklet which was launched in 2015, this booklet delves into effective ways of managing eczema, offering a guide to educate caregivers and parents. The book discusses, among other topics which include the causes of itching and scratching, common eczema hot spots, prevention and management of eczema, using controller creams effectively and also the 8 Common Eczema Myths.

Among notable tips that can be found in the booklet include preventive measures to take during the early symptoms of eczema. Cleanliness and hygiene do play a role in reducing the eczema flares which the booklet will be touching on but there are other methods to help manage the condition too. Using controller creams to combat eczema is one of the ways that can provide relief to the child but it is important to know how to use and choose these creams.

The complimentary hard copy of the NEZAM 2nd edition booklet is obtainable through selected hospitals, clinics and Atopiclair’s retail partner, Caring Pharmacy. The book is also available for download via this QR code or http://eczema-management.com:
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Atopiclair is a unique, clinically proven, non-steroidal treatment that is ideal for treating all eczema patients during flair and remission phases of eczema. It is steroid-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free, making it safe for infants and young children. Atopiclair relieves itching, burning sensation and pain associated with such skin disorder. Regular application of Atopiclair prevents the loss of skin moisture for up to 72 hours because it offers longer lasting hydration by restoring the skin’s natural oils. Its anti-pruritic (anti-itch) and anti-inflammatory properties help take care of the inflamed skin quickly and effectively. To learn about Atopiclair, visit www.atopiclairasia.com.

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