Saturday, October 11, 2014

Scare attractions at Nights of Fright 2@Sunway Lagoon

Just to let you know the Nights of Fright 2 at Sunway Lagoon, it's not suitable for children below 12 years old. Yeah kids are afraid of them, so read up the post for detail, click on the link above!

Now's lets find out more about The Suddent Impact! Entertainment Company

Lynton V. Harris
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company

Lynton V.Harris & CEO, is at the creative core of every Sudden Impact! Entertainment entreprise. An Intrepid Australian - American, based in New York for over a decade. Harris is now is taking his live entertainment vision to every corner to the globe, producing and directing shows in Europe, Australia, Asia, the UK and the USA.

Harris and Sudden Impact! have created and produced a wide variety of live spectaculars and interactive adventures beginning with ground breaking 'Madision SCARE Garden' at New York's Madison Square Garden, which enjoyed sold-out seasons from 1996-1999. Sudden Impact's expertise in staging large-scale live productions led to the creation of The Fright Night House a 65,000 'scare' foot Extreme Scream Park in Washington and Nightmares - Xtreame Scream Park a stadium show in Philadelphia.

In partnership with Universal Studios Harris created the successful Australasian tour of Interactive Adventures based on the mega-hit movies, including The Mummy LIVE!; The Mummy Returns LIVE!; The Scorpion King LIVE!' Lara Croft: Tomb Raider LIVE! ; The Van Helsing Experience LIVE and most recently -- "Prison Break LIVE!"- based on the hit FOX TV series.

Harris has also produced live entertainment for the world famous Madame Tussaud's attractions in London, Amsterdam, New York, and Las Vegas.

Lynton V. Harris' vision goes beyond live entertainment. Harris has co-written Freakshow, an award-winning short horror film starring Alice Cooper. In 2005, Harris' world-renowned actor training program, 'Scare School' was made into a TV Series.

John Guillidge
Attraction Manager and Director - Asia Pacific- The Suddent Impact! Entertainment Company

Scaring people comes naturally to John Gullidge as he has spend most of his working life in the "horror" business. Having trained and worked as journalist in the UK, he edited and published what was then Britain's longest running horror film magazine - Samhain - (the title refer to the Celtic festival of the dead - Halloween) for 13 years. Highlights of that time included defending horror movies on a Talk show film festival in Italy with the likes Wes Craven, Robert Engund and Bruce Campbell.

Following a visit to the States in 1988 where John was bitten by the "haunted house" bug he then created his own Halloween "haunted house" (the American term for what we often refer to as "scare attractions" ) in England long before there was an established industry in the UK. He also spent successive Halloweens working at haunted houses in the USA as far afield as Florida, San Diego and Denver, Colorado where he worked at the "Asylum" and "The 13th Floor", two of the biggest and best in the country. 

1993 saw him take a year out to travel extensive around South East Asia in what would prove to be the first many visits to Malaysia. Then in 2004 he was told about a company who were auditioning for a new scare attraction at England's Warwick Castle. That company was The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, the world's biggest and best known producer of scary entertainment and John has been with them ever since travelling around the world to run attractions as far afield as Mexico, the United States, Indonesia and of course Malaysia.

He first came to Sunway Lagoon in 2009, a year after "Lynton V.Harris 'Scream Park" opened its doors and has been here, on and off, ever since, overseeing all the recent phases of the attraction including Horrorwood Studios, Zombie Apocalypse and the latest, World War Z.

In addition to his full time job of running "Lynton V. Harris ' Scream Park" for The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, John indulges his passion for photography as part time official photographer for Sunway Lagoon, John says the best thing about Malaysia is the amount of English Premier League football they have on TV here (he's an ardent Chelsea fan of 40+ years standing).

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