Monday, June 10, 2013

Man of Steel wait for me!!

Yeah I am happy that I won passes to watch Man of Steel, somehow one lady suddenly message me asking me to give her my passes. W+F?! I didn't say or post up in FB that I am giving up the movie passes I won.

She then kept asking me where I am going to watch the movie, I ain't gonna tell her because I think she knows because her bestie going same cinema as I am. I don't care her because she's not really my friend, friend do share about contest and other. But she didn't, she won movie passes with her and didn't inform me of such contest. They saw Iron Man 3 together.

Talking about jealous, I know she's not happy I won the movie passes. She told me she wants to watch it. She is working and has the money to pay for the movie in cinema. I am not working.

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