Monday, November 12, 2012

I have got Optimus Prime *Transformers!

This is happy moment of my son and mine too, both of us love to watch Transformers. As soon as he know there's toy available from Happy Meal. It comes with Optimus Prime, just look at the truck after I turned on the light by pushing down the side of it. Yeah the bottom has the on and off button for the lights.

I am glad, he loves his toys so much and he can never get enough of it. Too bad I don't have all the money to buy him all Transformers. Optimus Prime truck is so cool, I like this so much and I have got two of it now.

My son aimed to get his hands on the last car of Transformers in McDonalds. I have only boys at home, I don't have girls and no intention of having baby anymore. Having kids are huge responsibility and money is one of the concern too. Now many couple have calculate how much they will need to spend on having one baby.

Someone told me that having one child would cost up to RM400,000 until the education level of college? I am not sure but I know I don't have that money. Some parents are rich enough to pour RM1,000 a month for their children during the college. I remembered that I have got RM150 from dad and I take public transportation by bus and KTM to go college during my college time.

Some of my friends are not getting married yet because they know once married they would need to plan for having children. They are not ready for baby in the family, who will take care of baby when they are away for work? Oh well.. let's talk of this next time.

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мs. вавз чuмıкo said...

The Optimus Prime truck looks really awesome :D