Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poor cranky baby

My baby cranky sometimes, he will show interest things he likes and grab hold of it. I need to take away the things from him sometimes because he will bites it. He likes to put things inside his mouth to bite due to teething.

He is wearing this brother pyjamas, he needs pacifier to sleep. We put him in sarong day and evening so he sleeps longer. We purchased good quality so it last longer and doesn't bend like some sarong. My bro's twins do not need sarong at all. I am so proud of his wife, she can manage the twins very well.

As you can see the picture I have playpen behind him so block him from going away from the place. I will see him near me and play with him. Now if you like guessing game go here to guess the clothes price.

At the moment my sister-in-law looking for grey hair product, her grey hair so long now.

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