Sunday, May 30, 2010

Extending Mother's Day giveaway

Good morning to my readers, I want to say that I am extending the Mother's Day Giveaway to 21 June, 2010 and ends at 9pm Malaysia Time.

Today I find out that something wrong with my car, and I need to find the spare part of it. It is not easy to find spare part of the car as it is an old car. I was told that the spare part for the car is expensive. This means that I am having difficulty with my transportation. :(

I also find out a letter post to me is open, who hand so naughty go open my letter. No wonder my friend telling me that her parcels went missing. The letter send to me by Postman as I took it from the mail box and find the letter open. It is not glue type of letter, it is those you need to tear it open to see. Yeah it is obvious someone tear it open to check the contain of the letter.

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