Monday, February 8, 2010

Worse nightmare I have got!

I had a dream last night it is my worst nightmare, I dream that my man fall in love with another woman. I don't know why in my dream I let him do that and I was so jealous as he got double dates with the other woman and me. Gosh have you ever got such nightmare? What do you do about it? Do you tell him? I kept quiet about it and blog here.

Do you think you can share your man with another woman? The dream never forgotten, I was so jealous as I saw him sitting next to her and I sat somewhere else. He keeps feeding her his food, I mean he slice it then feed it into her mouth. Oh yeah they are happy and I couldn't let them be like that.

I remember telling him that I cannot let this go on. He then chase after me and left her alone. She knew that I am unhappy. Oh I hate love triangle! No woman can share my man!

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